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     Inclusion Center           Newsletter       Spring 2019

Hello from 

a local drop in center 
        by and focused on people with         
medical issues and disabilities 


16 Bradley Ave., Brattleboro 

(lower level St. Michael's Episcopal Church).

Hours:  Monday 9:00 to 2:00.  Friday: 9:00 to 3:00

Inclusion Center is Free

All Welcome!!

IC is fragrance free. 

Inclusion Center is an unaffiliated program 

Support this wonderful program! 


       Our Activities and More...

Check out what we've been up to the past few months! 

Improv, Games, Music, discussions and Conversation Cafes! 

Improv with Robin Zegge each Monday. Improv is filled with challenges, learning new skills, laughter and insights. 

Conversation Cafes on the last Friday of each month. discussions on difficult topics. Conversation Cafe's happen the last friday of each month at 11:00

Caregiving. Read about what it means to us to be caregivers for ourselves and/or for others.

Partners and Friends

Learn a bit about two more groups we work with: VCIL and Compassionate Brattleboro.

Internet Resources

On this page we share information about the value of on line support groups for caregivers of all sorts. 

We have also printed information explaining acronyms. Acronyms are the abbreviations many professionals use that the rest of us don't understand at all!  We hope this listing helps you!